Friday, January 23, 2009

Join with us at the Lodge

Welcome to Coorong Wilderness Lodge. Soon the eco-cabins will be available for hire, both for Corporate Conferences, Meetings and Accomodation. The unique design of the eco-cabins with its full lenght glass window will provide you with the panoramic view of the Coorong landscape without stepping outside. Therefore, this is the time that you book yourself ahead as our first guest. As the sun set in the horizon, the Coorong Wilderness Lodge is the best place to view the Coorong sunset.

The newly-built eco-cabins will provide you with the full view landscape of the Coorong lakes.
Apart from the panoramic beauty around the Lodge, the place also provide with abundance of wildlife and flora. The Coorong Wilderness Lodge provide lots of activities to keep you occupied and your family.

Emu Family

Emu Tracks

'Wattle Tree'
The wattle seeds are great for coffee, mixed with ice cream, cakes, biscuits and other recipies.
And of course there's 'Junior' (our star Dog) will keep you entertain.

Photographs by Jelina Haines 2009

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